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Eleven Amazing Street Art Murals from Around the World

When exploring through a new city, it is not uncommon for people to walk right past urban street art without even noticing it. 

Shortly after I moved to Germany in 2013, I soon became fascinated with a new & alternative style of visual art… also known as Urban Street Art! 😀 Despite the vibrant and unique styles present among each individual piece, they can often be missed by many people who simply pass by without even noticing it. For this post, I decided to put together a list of 11 amazing urban street art murals located all around the world for your viewing pleasure!

The next time you are visiting a new place and happen to come across some street art, please consider taking some time to appreciate it! I’ve also tagged each of the artists beneath each photo if you’re interested in viewing more of their work! 

1. Birmingham, UK

Artist: Jimmy C

2. Prague, Czech Republic

'Imagine' valt te lezen op de beroemde John Lennon Wall in Praag.
Artist(s): Various

3. Berlin, Germany

Tommy Weisbecker Haus by Various Artists

4. Denver, USA

Artist: David Chloe

5. Oslo, Norway

Artist: Chanoir

6. Philadelphia, USA

Artist: Paul Santoleri

7. Vancouver, Canada

Artist: Osgemeos

8. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Artist: Ramon Martins

9. Cologne, Germany

Artist: Pez

10. Lüneberg, Germany

Artist: Herakut

11. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Artist: Farid Rueda

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

― Pablo Picasso

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17 comments on “Eleven Amazing Street Art Murals from Around the World

  1. I love street art. Very often it is overlooked by people, but it can be wonderful to stop and appreciate it. Have you been to Reykjavik? I always find a lot of cool street art there. If you haven’t been I totally recommend it.


  2. tatumskipper

    Crap, I’ve only been to two on this list. It is amazing the talent some humans have. Have you been to the ones in Miami (Wynwood Walls) or some in Rio? They have pretty amazing street art too. Those colors are insane. The tiger looking one would be an awesome tattoo!


  3. Wow these are true gems! I loved the one in Prague! I d love to see it in the real world 😍


  4. rhiydwi

    I’ve seen a couple of these in real life and they’re just as vivid and bright as in photos. They truly are works of incredible art! Exploring street art is actually one of my favourite things to do in a new city, and one of my favourite ever tours was of the street art in Vila Madalena in São Paulo.
    I’ve never actually seen the one in Birmingham though, despite only living 2 hours away and visiting the city at least once a year for the past 4 years! I may need to pencil in a weekend trip soon and try and scout it out.


  5. So cool. I’m a huge fan of street art and off late have come across some really amazing stuff in Switzerland and we have a whole street like that in Delhi too. I always think that street art really speaks of the culture of a place and in its own unique way beautifies the surroundings. The Berlin and Prague ones are my favourite. Belgium is another city where there is a lot of street art.


  6. I am lucky to have seen a mural created by Jimmy C in London, in Shoreditch. I was impressed by his unique technique of creating art through geometry. I love street art and during my trips I tend to take this kind of tours to discover the local art. My favorite was in Valparaiso, Chile, where the entire city is a work of art.


  7. ilive4travel

    I haven’t seen any of these pieces but have seen quite a few pieces around the world. I saw some great ones in Bogota, Colombia. Always great to do tours to see even more great pieces.


  8. OMG! Those pictures are so stunning and colorful! You should visit Christiania in Copenhagen! They also have beautiful street art!


  9. Those are such creative and wonderful street arts. These are better and unique than anything i have ever seen. No doubt it caught your attention. But i am also glad you chose to put together this sort of a topic in your blog and took efforts to identify and provide links to the artists. That is such a wonderful gesture to appreciate such beautiful art.


  10. therainbowroute

    I love stumbling across street art when travelling (hoping for a Banksy one day). These are gorgeous! The one from Luneburg especially. This is a great collection.


  11. This is amazing, such talented people out there. I wish I paid more attention to street art on my travels, what a great post. Toronto has a graffiti alley that is quite something to see.


  12. Vrithi Pushkar

    So Colorful! Such amazing talent around the world. My favorite was Berlin and Vancouver. In Miami they have dedicated an entire neighborhood for street art. It is called Wynwood walls. When you visit Miami, please check it out. It is absolutely breathtaking.


  13. I see a lot of street art on Instagram and I must admit I am getting into it, I actually photographed a nice piece of street art in Bratislava recently, I don’t have enough street art photos to make a piece like this though. From your street art gallery my favourite is the Imagine art from Prague.


  14. These are all so beautiful. I love street art. It adds a really cool vibe to a city or neighborhood. It takes a true talent to paint something like this with spray paint. I’ve personally seen two of these street art projects… Denver and Prague.


  15. Wow what an incredible collection of street art! Simply amazing!! I love visiting places with such amazing art work across the city 🙂


  16. We love street art too. When we lived in Miami, we go around hunting it. I think we saw some of Farid Rueda’s street art when we were in Playa Del Carmen. We love that funky tiger-bird. All these artists are so talented.


  17. These street art works are a marvel to behold! I’m sure they were even more impressive to witness in person. My favorite of the group is the one from Berlin. But honestly, all of these are impressive works of art!


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